ERCA Generic Rescuer

European Ropes Course Association Generic Rescuer Qualification. Rescue of participants or staff from any type of ropes course scenario

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This course covers the rescue and recovery to the ground of participants or staff who are in need of rescue at height on any type of ropes course.  For example: a member of staff becoming stuck during an operational check.  However, the aim of the course is to develop skills that can be used to avoid situations that could necessitate a rescue in the first place.  Much time is spent covering risk minimising options that enable those stuck at height to be lowered to the ground without the need for a complex rescue. The course develops the ability to assess the operations on site, consider the alternatives to reduce the risk of requiring a rescue, and choose the equipment and techniques most appropriate for a simple effective rescue.

ERCA qualifications are recognised at ropes courses throughout the UK, Europe, and other countries.

This course follows the ERCA syllabus for the Traditional Ropes Course Instructor Qualification and is fully compliant with EN15567

Theoretical course content

  • Norms and ERCA Standards
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency plans
  • Environmental influences
  • Emotional wellbeing of users

Practical course content

  • Self-belay and accessing techniques
  • Lowering of users (Unaccompanied/ Passive Rescue)
  • Ascending on a rope
  • Rescue of users and instructors (Accompanied/ Active Rescue)
  • Evacuation of users 

The course consists of training and assessment with a practical assessment and a written multiple choice paper on the final day.

Upon passing the course the candidate will be issued with the ERCA Generic Rescuer award. This certificate is valid for three years.  To re-validate the award, candidates must either attend another ERCA course, or a 1-day refresher.  Revalidation can be at any time within the three years, or within a one-year grace period after the certificate validity expires.

In the unfortunate event of you failing to meet the standard required during the summary assessment, the trainer will discuss what you need to improve on and how to proceed. You then are permitted two further attempts at re-assessment on separate occasions before you would have to retake the full training element of the course. Appeal procedures are in place and details will be provided and also found on the ERCA website. 


  • Minimum Age of 18 years old
  • Hold a valid first aid certificate
  • Physically fit enough to take part in a ropes course activity
  • Capable of working at height
  • Must hold either the ERCA Adventure Park Instructor or ERCA Traditional Ropes Course Instructor Qualification
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