Staff Enrichment Activities

Let's go! Take your staff team on an adventure! We can arrange for your staff to experience the other side of their work and get involved in doing the activity themselves.

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There are many reasons why we feel it is a good idea for adventurous activity instructors to regularly put themselves in the place of a participant and experience the activity as participants do - often for the first time.  

Whether it's rock climbing (indoors or outdoors, single itch or multi-pitch), caving, or mountain walking, we can take your team on an adventure to inspire them and increase their understanding of the activity. 

We can run the activity in any way you would like; if you would like the team to put in some quality guided practice towards a specific milestone (an NGB award perhaps), or increase a specific skill-set, or just get out there and remember what it's like to enjoy themselves engaging in adventurous activity, we can do that!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help boost the energy in your staff team.  

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