Climbing Wall Award Assessment (with option to add abseil assessment for additional £45.00)

CWA Climbing Wall Award Assessment, with optional Abseil module assessment (for additional fee of 45.00GBP total)

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Assessments are run by Arrampica. The Climbing Wall Award is usually assessed during the day, and the abseil module assessed at the end of the day.  Candidates who are not being assessed on the abseil module are politely requested to stay until the end of the day to act as particpants for the abseil assessment candidates.  We feel this is a good training experience for anyone, regardless of whether or not you are taking the abseil module yourself.  The day should finish around 6.30pm for all candidates.  

The Scope of the Scheme

The Climbing Wall Award is for climbers who are in a position of responsibility when supervising climbing activities on indoor or outdoor climbing walls, artificial boulders and towers.

This includes a wide range of structures utilised for these activities which are referred to throughout this page as ‘walls’. It is primarily concerned with ensuring good practice, leading to the safe enjoyment of climbing activities, and to an understanding of the sport. It covers the supervision and management of activities such as bouldering, the teaching of basic movement skills and roped climbing, excluding the teaching of leading.

This scheme has been designed to provide a level of basic competence for those who are in a position of responsibility during climbing activities at walls. Whilst the award does include a measure of personal competence it is not designed as a personal proficiency programme, and it should not be used as either an entry requirement or a measure of suitability for individuals who wish to climb on climbing walls.

Climbing Wall Award Abseil module candidates will be assessed in the following key areas, all of which will have been covered, to a greater or lesser extent, during your training course.  Between training and assessment, candidates will have amassed sufficient knowledge and experience to be fully competent with the preparation, management, safety and completion of a customer abseil experience.

  • Equipment
  • Belaying
  • Abseiling
  • Management of Groups Accessing the Tops of Walls

For more information and support, please click this link to visit the Mountain Training Website.  

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Before you book onto a Climbing Wall Award assessment, make sure you have done the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have attended a Climbing Wall Award training course (or have been granted exemption)
  • You must be familiar with the syllabus
  • You must have logged a minimum of 30 visits to at least three different climbing walls
  • You must have assisted in the supervision of at least 15 instructed sessions on at least two different walls including a large public facility in a variety of contexts
  • You must hold a current first aid certificate, minimum 8 hours and relevant to your work as a Climbing Wall Award holder

The Climbing Wall Award assessment is a minimum of 6 hours, the Climbing Wall Award Abseil Module is around 2 to 4 hours.  

Before you book onto a Climbing Wall Award Abseil module assessment course, make sure you have done the following:

  • You must have attended an Abseil module training course
  • You must have passed the Climbing Wall Award assessment. NB; if booking together with CWA, candidates will need to pass CWA in order to proceed onto their booked CWAA assessment.



NB; Consolidation pre-assessment;  The period between training and assessment varies in length for each person and is an opportunity to develop your skills, paying particular attention to any weaknesses identified during the training course. You can use the excuse 'I'm preparing for assessment' to visit the wall as much as you like!

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